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Students enroll in college to get a quality education. The Fraternity places a strong emphasis on scholarship and on educating our members both inside and outside of the classroom. Through minimum GPA standards, mentor programs, educational programming, and membership development events, members are equipped to excel both personally and academically.

Degree Programs Pursued

Our brothers have very diverse aspirations and the degree programs we are pursuing reflect this. In addition, almost all of our members are studying more than one field and we have an average of over 1.9 degree programs per member!




Biomedical Engineering

Business Law & Pre-Law

Businesss Management

Chemical Engineering


Computer Information Systems

Computer Science

Cyber Security


Electrical Engineering

Energy Management







Mechanical Engineering

Media Studies

Petroleum Engineering


Political Science



Educational Programming

  • Robertson Howard Award for Academic Excellence: Monetary incentives are given to members achieving certain GPA levels:

    • Gold Level - 4.000 GPA​

    • Garnet Level - 3.5 - 3.999 GPA

    • White Level - Above All-Greek GPA - 3.499 GPA

  • Father/Son Mentorship Program: Each new members is paired with an older member in the house. This "father" acts as a guide for the new member in his academic endeavors and is usually pursing the same or similar major.

  • Major Specific Study Groups: Brothers of the same major come together on a regular basis to study for exams and do homework together. Older members also hand down notes with details such as which professor is the best for each class, what electives to take, etc.

Study Abroad, Research, & Internships

Outside of the classroom our brothers continue to engage themselves in various study abroad, research, and internship programs. From developing foreign policy in Panama to researching alternative composite materials for NASA and everything in between, we constantly push ourselves and each other to get the most out of our undergraduate years. The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) has become a staple for PIKEs over the past few years with several brothers producing papers and presenting their research at various conferences throughout the country.

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