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Membership Development

Above all else, the goal of a college degree is to prepare each student for their respective career. PIKE prides itself in providing opportunities for its members to develop the professional skills necessary to achieve success far beyond their college years. The Fraternity provides developmental programming on the chapter and international level to compliment each member's degree program and allow them to graduate with confidence in their ability to excel in their career.

"As a young professional, you will be faced with challenges that are unique to someone right out of college. How you answer those challenges often determines the trajectory of your career. PIKE gave me the opportunity to not only face real world challenges as a college student, but more importantly, it expected real world solutions from me. Those expectations will have you leading the pack, rather than being the pack." 

Layton Sharum ('10)

Account Vice President, UBS

Chapter Leadership Opportunites

From the first day as a PIKE, new members have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within their new member class. These roles mimic the organization of the Executive Board and Chair Positions and allow new members to see what chapter leadership is all about as they shadow their respective officer. Assuming chapter leadership roles teaches members skills such as management, teamwork, budgeting, and problem solving among others, while providing real-world experience that easily translates into careers after college. Find out more about leadership opportunities here.​

Alumni Mentorship & Networking

By being a part of one of the largest fraternal organizations in North America, our members enjoy the opportunity to network with our highly successful alumni in their post-graduate careers. In Fall 2018, the Gamma Upsilon Chapter started an Alumni Mentorship Program for the New Member Class. This program includes:

  • Each new member will be paired with a PIKE alumnus who is pursuing a career in their field of study

  • Semesterly guidance and career counseling sessions with alumnus mentor

  • Networking events with other PIKE alumni

Networking events include PIKE job fairs, happy hours, and alumni nights at the house.

"My time at PIKE allowed me to experience various leadership roles that dealt with people from all walks of life trying to accomplish a common goal. I learned a tremendous amount about management and made some lifelong friends along the way. This exposure to real world scenarios allowed me to transition smoothly into the workplace as a project engineer"

John Spradlin ('13)

Project Engineer, Zeeco Inc.

Developmental Programming

Over the course of each year the chapter hosts several continuing education events for its members to further develop their interpersonal, professional, and leadership skill sets. These events include topics over a wide variety of topics from interviewing and resume building to how to do your taxes. Some chapter wide favorites have included wine tastings with Master Sommeliers from the Tulsa area and gun safety and skeet shooting with the Oklahoma Wildlife Department.

These events augment each member's education and teach them valuable lessons that cannot be learned in the classroom.

Pike University is North America’s premier fraternal leadership training conference series with over 10 regional and international events every year. With curriculum rivaling the caliber of any corporate training program, Pike U develops principled leadership, management, and personal development in a way that prepares our members for success in life. 

The Gamma Upsilon Chapter pays for all newly initiated members to attend the PIKE U leadership summit in Dallas each spring.

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