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The Values of Pi Kappa Alpha

Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Gentlemen

The Alpha chapter of PIKE was founded in 1868 with a specific goal in mind: to gather a group of men who would go on to "set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live." 

In order to elaborate on how Pi Kappa Alpha would accomplish this the Founders drafted The Object of Pi Kappa Alpha:



"The object of the Fraternity shall be to advance the educational interests of its members, to promote leadership development and to make, maintain and uphold a high standard of life, happiness and integrity for its members by uniting them in closer bonds of friendship and brotherly union."

The Object has three inherent parts:

" advance the educational interests of its members"


An education. This is the primary reason men of all walks of life attend a college or university; accordingly, it was listed first by our Founders as scholastic achievement is the primary objective instilled in each member of PIKE. The Fraternity places a strong emphasis on educating our members both inside and outside of the classroom. Through minimum GPA standards, mentor programs, educational programming, and Pike University events, members are equipped to excel academically.

" promote leadership development"


PIKE does not only allow for its members to develop as students but it provides an arena for developing leadership skills that will benefit members throughout their lives. Whether it be through membership development programming or learning through obtaining chapter leadership positions, each member will exit their four years with the leadership abilities necessary to excel in their respective career path.

" make, maintain, and uphold a high standard of life, happiness, and integrity for its members by uniting them in closer bonds of friendship and brotherly union."


This final part touches on the more intangible side of what the Fraternity has to offer. By offering a balance of development and genuine friendship, PIKE allows its members to develop into men of "integrity, intellect, and high moral character" as the Founders originally desired. Members are encouraged to pursue what they are passionate about and bring their Brothers along with them. From intramural competition to community service or even just a regular weekend night at the house, members are given the opportunity to develop these "bonds of friendship and brotherly union" as they grow as men and live their college years to the fullest.

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