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Campus Leadership

PIKE pushes members to get involved in external organizations and pursue what they are passionate about. From Club Athletics to the Tulsa Two Stepping Club and various major specific clubs, our brothers were active participants in 69 different organizations with every member being involved in at least one outside of PIKE. The Gamma Upsilon chapter takes pride in our leadership in the organizations we are involved in on campus. This past year we held 70 executive offices in 37 different campus organizations. In addition, on April 15th, the chapter was recognized with the Point of Excellence of Leadership and Character from the University during the All Greek Awards Banquet. This portion of the Circle of Excellence award is based on chapter leadership on campus and in the Tulsa community.

Our brothers do not only join existing clubs but have gained a reputation for starting their own clubs and organizations. In recent years members of PIKE have founded the following clubs:

Aspiring Management and Marketing Professionals

Society of Global Professionals

Tulsa Club Baseball

Tulsa Club Golf

Tulsa Club Lacrosse

Tulsa Two-Stepping Club

Cane Breaks

"Being surrounded by the group of supportive and driven individuals in PIKE inspired me to get more involved on campus. I wanted to get more involved in organizations pertaining to my academic program of Accelerated Pre-Law, but found that there were very few. With the help of members who had previously been apart of founded organizations, I decided to create the Tulsa Energy Law Club alongside brothers Jake Moore, Gavin Garcia, and Jackson Scruggs."

Jeremy Schick

Edmond, Oklahoma

Tulsa Energy Law Club, President

Jeremy AIEN_edited.jpg

This external involvement helps provide a well-rounded college experience and allows each brother to get the most out of his college experience and truly make it unique! If you have questions about how to get involved on campus or just want to know more about what you can do on campus feel free to reach out to Campus Involvement Chairman, Matthew Lopp: (918) 232-6730.

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