Chapter Leadership

Chapters are organized similar to a corporation, led by an executive team of undergraduates. The executive team oversees various committee chairs in the areas of finance, operations, recruitment, and continuing education to name a few. There are numerous opportunities to hone your leadership and management skills.

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Fall 2019 Executive Board

President DJ Lienhard

DJ is a Senior, Chemical Engineering major from Wichita, KS. DJ served as Recruitment, Campus Involvement, Public Relations, External, and Internal VP before becoming President.

The Presidential Chair Positions

  • Health and Safety

    • Ethan Chandler

  • New Member Education

    • Brandon Short

    • Nick Biasetti

    • Brendan Odrowski

  • Historian

    • Adli Bachtiar

  • Sergeant at Arms

    • Rory Mitchell

  • Recruitment

    • Hugo Barajas

Internal Vice President Curtis Yao

Curtis is a Senior, Chemical Engineering major from Houston, TX. Curtis served as House Manager, Internal VP, and External VP before starting his second Internal VP term.

The Internal Chair Positions

  • House Manager

    • Colin Krueger

  • Special Projects

    • Chris Klimek

  • Alumni Relations

    • Jonny Gill

  • Merchandise

    • Daniel Franklin

  • Brotherhood

    • Hunter Albers

  • Membership Education

    • Jon Huff

  • Scholarship

    • Matt Searl

External Vice President Ryan Frankowski

Ryan is a Junior, Economics and Finance major from Little Rock, AR. Ryan served as Social and Public Relations before becoming External VP.

The External Chair Positions

  • Social

    • Myles David

  • Public Relations

    • Conner Jones

  • Community Service

    • Danny Kuehl

  • Philanthropy

    • Rory Mitchell

  • Special Events

    • Tyler Stalcup

  • Athletics

    • Evan Burns

  • Campus Involvement

    • David Sanchez

Treasurer Garrett Tredway

Garrett is a Junior, Mechanical Engineering Major from Tulsa, OK. Garrett served on the Scholarship and Social Committees and as Assistant Treasurer before becoming Treasurer.

Secretary Ryan Danley

Danley is a Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Major from St. Louis, MO. 

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