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Chapter Leadership

Chapters are organized similar to a corporation, led by an executive team of undergraduates. The executive team oversees various committee chairs in the areas of finance, operations, recruitment, and continuing education to name a few. There are numerous opportunities to hone your leadership and management skills.

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Fall 2023 Executive Board

President - Jackson Habrock

Jackson Habrock is a senior from Omaha, Nebraska. He is studying mechanical engineering with a minor in business. Jackson has previously served as chapter treasurer, secretary, and internal vice president. Jackson is currently a peer mentor and does campus tours as a university ambassador. Jackson has continued to embrace the values of a true pike through every pillar of SLAG. Jackson is a true scholar, leader, athlete, and gentleman. 

The Presidential Chair Positions

  • Health and Safety

    • Carter Harding

  • New Member Education

    • Antonio Pastrana

    • Kyle Cobb

    • Jake Moore

  • Historian

    • Kyle Cobb

  • Judicial

    • Ethan Mcfarland

  • Recruitment

    • Alex Vestal

    • William Schaller

Internal Vice President - Steven Stagg

Steven is a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently studying biology and chemistry with a minor in biomedical engineering. Steven has previously held positions such as rush chairman & scholarship chairman. He continues to be involved on campus and demonstrate strong leadership skills. Steven is a peer mentor and tutors student athletes at Tulsa. Steven is planning to pursue a career in the medical sciences & health care field and will be attending University of Oklahoma Medical school once finished with his academics at TU. 

The Internal Chair Positions

  • House Manager 

    • Griffin Smith​

    • Jaxon Linton

  • Special Projects

    • Luke Casteneda

  • Alumni Relations

    • Thomas Wozniak

  • Merchandise

    • Jaren Y'Barra

  • Brotherhood

    • Blake Mumma

    • Kade Hemmerling

  • Membership Education

    • Gabe Goretzke

  • Scholarship

    • Reese Bryan

External Vice President - Jackson Scruggs

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 3.30.19 PM.png

Jackson is a Junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics & Energy Management. He is from Austin, Texas and has previously served as External Vice President as well as scholarship chairman and special events chairman. He is involved in multiple campus organizations including Friends of Finance, TU Barbell Club, Tulsa Energy Law Club, Tulsa Energy Management Student Association, Student Investment Fund (SIF), and TU Psychology Club. Jackson was also 2022 Mr. Teen Texas & 2022 NPC Teenage Nationals Classic Physique bodybuilding class B champion and finished 2nd overall in the Nation for Teenage Bodybuilding. 

The External Chair Positions

  • Social

    • Tre Damon

  • Public Relations

    • Jeremy Schick

  • Community Service

    • Aiden Cook

  • Philanthropy

    • Ben Golla

  • Special Events

    • Jake Moore

    • Gavin Garcia

    • Griffin Smith

  • Athletics

    • Bruce Meeker

  • Campus Involvement

    • Matthew Lopp

Treasurer, Jack Elliott

Jack Elliot is a Junior from St Louis, Missouri. He is majoring in finance and has previously served as Secretary, and public relations chair position. Jack is also involved on campus and is in Friends of Finance, TU Golf club, TU Barbell Club, and Tulsa Energy Law Club. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 10.55.54 AM.png

Secretary, Anthony Esguerra 

Anthony Esguerra is a sophomore from St Louis, Missouri. He is currently an undecided Business major and has previously held the historian chair position. 

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