About the Membership

Where We Are From

Our brothers come from not only all corners of the country but the globe as well to end up here at PIKE. Here are the places we call home:










New Jersey

New York









How We Ended Up at PIKE


Each member's journey to the house is different but they all tend to have one underlying theme: each man desires to be the best; in some way or another during the recruitment process, we were all drawn to the culture of success at PIKE. Here are what a couple members have to say:

"I decided to join PIKE because I immediately sensed the drive, tenacity, and pursuit of excellence from everyone I met. I knew these qualities of those above me would help me develop in more ways than I could even imagine. It was easy to see excellence was the standard here and that made my choice obvious." 

Spring '20 Graduate Nick Biasetti

Saratoga Springs, New York

"I chose PIKE because I wanted to surround myself with men committed to being successful during and after college, while enhancing my experience at TU. My membership has allowed me to succeed as a student, a leader in many campus organizations, and as a friend to people from all over campus. Since my freshman year, I have grown as a public speaker, an athlete, a conversationalist, an organized leader, and a servant to my community and church."

Senior DJ Lienhard

Wichita, Kansas

"I joined Pike because I was looking for another foundation to propel me and those around me towards our goals. I appreciated the diversity of thought and culture that the house presented. I saw a group of brothers committed to excellence both personally and as a house and I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of."

Spring '20 Graduate Matt King

Omaha, Nebraska

Where We Are Going


From designing spacecraft to take humans to mars to a career in politics, our members have goals just as diverse as their backgrounds. Our pursuit of degree programs, research, and internships reflects this. Brothers have acquired internships and jobs at the organizations below and more.
















Find out more about how the Gamma Upsilon and the International Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity prepares our members to be successful in any future career they choose here.

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